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Grassland West Company is more than just a source of seeds.   We are a company devoted to providing seed, technical support, customer service and product development.  Our staff is committed to working with our customers and our environment through our production, research and product development program.  We believe that our success is based on your success, and through this teamwork approach, we will both reach our goals.

Grassland West is determined to develop long-term relationships with our customers.  This is accomplished by providing prompt and courteous recommendations, prices and deliveries.  Our sales staff is trained and experienced in recommending solutions for all of your reclamation projects.  Our many satisfied customers include National Forests, Indian Reservations, National Parks, Bureau of Land Management, highway departments, mines, pipeline companies, construction companies, landscapers, and hydroseeding companies.

Most of our personnel have deep roots in agriculture.   They have grown up on farms and received agricultural degrees from various universities.  In other words, the seed industry is a way of life for our people.  Our specialists are eager to provide recommendations and training to your organization and to your customers.  Give us a call and we will be happy to arrange a program.

Holistic Management is based on sustainable agriculture's tenets of environmental stewardship, economic viability and social responsibility.  It more accurately mimics the way nature functions and ensures sustainability for generations to come.

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