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We have carefully selected the following grass seed mixes for your pasture:

Thoroughbred Pasture

This mix is an excellent choice for horse pastures, because it tolerates heavy grazing and provides quality forage.

Minimum Precipitation: 16 inches or irrigation.


Cattle Pasture

This cattle pasture mix was developed for a ranch in North Idaho. It is adapted to a wide range of area and proves to be excellent for grazing cattle.

Minimum Precipitation: 16 inches or irrigation.


Dryland PastureĀ 

This mix is designed with grass species that are well adapted for dry sites.

Minimum Precipitation: 12 inches or irrigation.


Economy Pasture

This mix provides quality pasture at an economical price. Often used for over seeding to rejuvenate and existing pasture.

Minimum Precipitation: 16 inches or irrigation.


Hay Mix

This mix provides excellent high protein hay. It also lasts longer than straight alfalfa stands.


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