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Erosion Control

This mix stabilizes soil on steep hillsides, access roads, embankments and roadcuts. Also excellent for weed control.

Seeding Rate: Broadcast 25-30lbs./acre. On banks with 2:1 slope: 40-80lbs./acre.


Yellow Star Fighter:

This mix prevents weed invasion while still providing grazing value. Developed for droughty sites to help prevent invasion of knapweed, yellowstar thistle and other noxious weeds.

Seeding Rate: Broadcast 25-40lbs./acre.


Hunters Dream

This is a blend of annual and perennial plants developed for the Northwest. Hunters Dream is designed to attract deer and elk.

Seeding Rate: Broadcast 2lbs./1,000 sq. ft.


Wildlife Mix:

This mix is designed to provide cover and food for big game and wild birds.

Seeding Rate: Broadcast 25-30lbs. /acre


Cabin Mix

This is a perfect mix for your mountain cabin. Cabin Mix is low growing and requires very little water while staying green most of the summer.

Seeding Rate: Broadcast 35-40lbs./acre.


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